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Which Nespresso Coffee Capsule is right for you?

The Nespresso single-serve coffee machine is more suited for making espresso than regular coffee which has made it particularly popular among those who enjoy a very rich and bold cup.

There are currently 16 varieties (The 16 Grands Crus) for the Nespresso machines, and they are all labeled with wonderfully poetic Italian names. Most are intended to be brewed as espresso (single shot) but the Lungo (double shot) blends are for larger cups of coffee.


Ristretto – At the darkest end of the espresso spectrum is the Ristretto, for brewing a deep espresso with a lightly fruity note.

Arpeggio - Another dark roast, though not as dark as the Ristretto. The Arpeggio capsules will also brew up a very intense cup of espresso and is described as having some chocolate tones to it as well.

Roma – The Roma is still in the espresso range, but lighter than the first two. There is a little bit more sweetness along with a generally strong espresso with this capsule blend.

Livanto - Now we’re getting into the more mid-range roasts, with a fruitier and sweeter taste than the others. The Livanto is another pure Arabica with a really complex set of flavors to it.

Capriccio - With a medium roast, there is a bit more acid to the Capriccio but that only adds to the rich flavor. It’s a very bright coffee overall.

Volluto - The Volluto is the first in the lighter roasting range, for a much lighter taste and higher cereal notes. This particular coffee is part of the Nespresso Sustainable Agriculture program as well.

Cosi - From the main coffee line, the Cosi is the lightest roast of all. It’s much sweeter than the others, and has a noticeable citrus aftertaste.

Indriya - Indriya is one of the single-origin coffee, sourced from souther India and has been roasted very darkly for a robust cup. It’s naturally spiced, with hints of nutmeg and cloves.

Rosabaya - This 100% Colombian coffee is a medium roast that has a strong taste of fruit and wine though it still has a good body to it.

Dulsao - A medium-roasted Brazilian coffee is sweet and has a fairly light taste with a touch of maple.

Fortissio Lungo – The lungo blends are more of a regular coffee than the deeper espresso blends that Nespresso is famous for. Fortissio is a mix of origin beans and a slightly dark roast to make a very nice and balanced coffee.

Vivalto Lungo – It’s lightly roasted, and made with a mix of beans for a varied flavor profile. It’s a little tart with acid but generally very smooth and a little sweet.

Finezzo Lungo - This coffee is one of the lightest ones in the Nespresso line-up which gives it a mix of delicate and citrus tastes. It’s a very mild coffee for anyone who doesn’t like a bold cup.

Finally, there are 3 capsules with decaf. Decaffeinato Lungo, Decaffeinato, and Decaffeinato Intenso. They range from very mild and light to a much darker roast. You don’t have to give up taste when you give up the caffeine.



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